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Aftercare for your wedding gown

Dry Clean and Box Service

Once your wedding day has been a huge success and everyone has said how amazing you looked (naturally!), you might want to consider what to do with your dress?
If you plan to keep your gown, our best advice is to get it professionally cleaned before storage; otherwise it will not keep well. We also recommend that you use a specialist cleaner who knows how to properly treat wedding dresses.

At Wedding Belles & Beaus we have our own dry clean and/or wedding dress box service. Obviously you don’t have to use our service, but please, please make sure that you use an experienced dry cleaning firm who are able to clean wedding dresses and have been personally recommended to you.

Wedding Belles & Beaus is able to offer:

Dry Cleaning only
Box only
Box and cleaning

Costs depend on the type/style of dress – so please ask for a quotation.

Wedding dress boxes come in three sizes:

The Traditional Standard Wedding Dress Box

50 x 75 x 15 cm (deep)
Suitable for most styles of wedding dress that have up to 2 layers of net petticoat including those with long trains. Comes with 30 sheets of acid free tissue paper.

The Medium Wedding Dress Box (smaller than traditional)

36 x 48 x 11 cm (deep)

Suitable for slender wedding dress (can have a small train), with no net petticoat. The dress will be folded twice to fit in this neat size box. Comes with 15 sheets of acid free tissue paper. Also suitable for fitted bridesmaid dress and first communion dresses.

The Extra Large Wedding Dress Box

50 x 75 x 30 cm (deep)

Suitable for full skirted dresses with three or more layers of petticoat and train. Comes with 40 sheets of acid free tissue paper and cord carry in handles.

We are also able to supply wedding dress travel boxes, which are the correct size for hand luggage – please ask for details.

Most dresses will fit in a standard box – but please come and ask us and we will recommend the best size for your own particular bridal gown.

The boxes come in really lovely designs and colours, so please ask and we can show you what is available.

Why choose a Wedding Dress Box?

Our wedding dress boxes are made from specially milled pH neutral board and tissue paper that does not contain acid or alkali – this is important to avoid yellowing or discolouration. Unlike plastic, tissue paper allows the fabric to breath and the box protects from light and dust.

If possible it is best to store your dress in a room with a more stable temperature than your loft. We like to think that the dress boxes are pretty enough to be seen in the bedroom.

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