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Sottero and Midgley

Contemporary and sophisticated, Sottero and Midgley is designed for the fashion-forward bride, an artful blend of refined styling and eye-catching drama.

Please make an appointment to try dresses on, or request a shorter, browsing appointment to view the collection first.


Maddison Front Detail
MaddisonBack Detail
MaddisonFront Detail
Marilyn Front Detail
MarilynBack Detail
Meadow Front Detail
MeadowBack Detail
MeadowFront Detail
Mae Front Detail
MaeBack Detail
Malone Rose Front Detail
Mairead Front Detail
MaireadBack Detail
MaireadFront Detail
Miriam Front Detail
MiriamBack Detail
Marcie Front Detail
MarcieBack Detail
MarcieFront Detail
Majestic Front Detail
MajesticFront Detail
Madeira Front Detail
MadeiraBack Detail
MadeiraFront Detail
Margot Front Detail
Margot Back Detail
MargotFront Detail
McCall Front Detail
McCall Back Detail
McCall Front Detail
Marigold Front Detail
MarigoldBack Detail
MarigoldFront Detail
Moriah This gown top is the Moriah bodysuit (it can be worn under any strapless dress to create sleeves).

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